Littering and Illegal Dumping - Seeking Your Help

Littering and Illegal Dumping

Littering and illegal dumping of waste is a rising concern for Elizabethtown-Kitley, costing our community taxpayers' dollars in clean up hours every year.

Littering occurs throughout the Township, and we need your help to save our streets, parks and bushland. If you see someone littering or dumping waste illegally you can report the incident to the Township at 613-345-7480 or email


What is Littering and Illegal Dumping?

Common types of litter include cigarette butts, drink bottles, fast food wrappers, material from a trailer that is poorly secured, grass clippings swept into the gutter, fishing tackle.

Illegal Dumping - what can it look like?

Dumping is unsightly, it degrades the local environment, reduces property value and costs rate payers a substantial amount of money each year to clean up.  Illegal dumping includes items such as bags of rubbish, garden waste, building materials, household goods, abandoned cars, scrap tires and hazardous waste.

What problems can it cause?

Littering and illegal dumping of waste has the potential to cause health and safety risks for both people and the natural environment, it can:

  • contain broken glass, syringes, medical waste and toxic substances like asbestos
  • attract rodents, insects and other vermin
  • provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos
  • block waterways and storm water drains, increasing the potential for flooding and erosion
  • be a potential fire hazard
  • attract further dumping
  • other antisocial and illegal activities
  • decrease community pride and intensifies the problem
  • builds up next to roads, can block gutters and finds its way into creeks, rivers and onto beaches, it harms and kills wildlife, for example:plastic waste can choke and suffocate birds and marine life

Why does it happen?

Businesses and individuals that illegally dump, do so to avoid fees at landfills, or believe the time and effort required for proper disposal is too much.

To avoid detection and potential fines, offenders go to extraordinary lengths to illegally dispose of materials.  If they considered the cost of fuel and time taken to dispose of the waste, they would usually find it cheaper and quicker to dispose of these materials legally at a landfill or transfer station.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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